Intelligent Autonomous Assistants

IFS wants to pave the way for new methods to increase productivity. Looking at various developments in the consumer market, the use of intelligent autonomous digital assistants (bots) could greatly increase interaction with a business application. Whether controlled by voice or an intuitive chat interface, IFS Labs believes the next generation human computer interaction for business applications requires a different approach.

Today, IFS Labs has already developed its first prototype app. It lets you search for information in the system without having to know where it is stored and presents search results either via voice or text. You can also input or update data in the system via voice recognition.

There are several situations where users can benefit from such an interface to interact with their ERP system:

  • You want a simpler, “Google-like” search capability to find information without having to know where to look
  • You need to keep your hands free for other tasks, like driving a car, or you wear protective gloves at work
  • Speech is our natural way of communicating and is by far more efficient than typing
  • You don’t know how to do something in your ERP so instead of pressing F1, you just ask