Good strategies increase revenue, boost profits and enhance efficiency. Build your IoT strategy around IFS IoT Business Connector and see how operational data becomes business intelligence, business processes become more efficient, and new opportunities arise.

IFS IoT Discovery Manager

IoT Discovery Manager

IFS IoT Discovery Manager gives you management and monitoring capabilities when you use the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite as the discovery platform. You can easily visualize components and data flows.

IFS IoT Gateway

IoT Gateway

IFS IoT Gateway lets you communicate between the cloud-based discovery and analytics of IoT data and on-premise or cloud-based IFS products. Key features include secure bi-directional communication.

IFS IoT Controller

IoT Controller

IFS IoT Controller aids decision-makers when IoT data analysis reveals relevant business insights, solving practical issues that occur when you map operational technology into business applications.



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Gartner Hype Cycle on Internet of Things

Leading research analyst and IoT market and solutions expert Gartner Research, has recently published its Hype Cycle for the Internet of Things (IoT), which is in its fifth year of publication.

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IoT video


Learn how IoT is increasingly connecting assets, factories and goods in our video.