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Inventory represents an essential, yet costly component of service operations. In order to achieve optimum performance while keeping costs low, organizations must carefully balance stock levels, locations, spare parts, service levels and more.

This is exactly what our service parts & logistics software can do for your product-based business. You will have all of the functionality and capabilities necessary to centrally manage your entire inventory and logistics operation.

IFS Field Service Management provides you with 100% visibility into your spare part inventory levels and field locations, including multi-bin stock maintenance and serial number traceability. You will also have full access to shipping and receiving, inventory and logistics, part costs and field demand, so that you can effectively increase turns and reduce obsolescence.

  • Quickly identify service return logistics, acquire authorisation and process shipments
  • Track repair tasks, turnaround, time, labour, parts and cost
  • Customers & third-party repair vendors can track items anywhere in the process using secure Web portals
  • Automated alerts to crucial events and status changes
  • Standardise each step of the repair process and measure standard hours vs. actual hours vs. billable hours
  • Delegate work efficiently based on capacity, specialization and schedule
  • Automate technicians’ workload
  • Enable technicians to troubleshoot the product, review similar cases, replace a part, log repair time, change the unit’s revision, reassign the unit to another technician, and move the unit to another inventory location

  • Take full control of your repair and service operation
  • Reduce the cost of repair
  • Shorten repair turnaround time
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve the level and quality of service provided
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase technician satisfaction

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