Oriflame Customer Story

Selling directly to consumers in more than 60 countries via an independent direct sales force comprising over 3.5 million people, plus bringing to market 200-300 new products every year,  presents the kinds of logistical and agility challenges that Oriflame Cosmetics takes in its stride.

Oriflame is a very fast-moving company working in three- to four-week business cycles providing thousands of products to millions of consumers around the globe. So business agility is key to continued success. IFS Applications is helping Oriflame remain agile and meet whatever challenges its markets present.

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• Enhanced business agility to adapt more easily to change

• Greater operational transparency and control

• Improved productivity

• Project break-even one year ahead of plans

• Annual savings in excess of € 1 million

• Invoicing 124% more efficient

• Enhanced communication with its 3.5 million consultants

• More automated processes

• Ease of integration with in-house sales force software

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IFS Applications helps Oriflame remain agile

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