Private cloud ERP delivers savings, security, enterprise agility

Private Cloud ERP deployment of IFS Applications allows you to offload technical support, maintenance, monitoring and fault correction and associated technical infrastructure including servers, operating systems, databases, and move them to the professionally managed IFS Private Cloud.

IFS Applications as a Service is built on single-tenant private cloud concepts, where each customer has their own database and application instance with a highly scalable cloud computing infrastructure. This allows customers to leverage cloud computing and managed services to offload IT duties, yet retain the security, privacy and control of a non-shared application environment. Secure Integration with local security solutions (such as Active Directory) and other applications, either in the cloud or on premises, are fully supported. Licenses are sold through a cost-effective perpetual license.

This service is currently available in North America. Inquire with your regional office to request local availability.

Understanding Cloud ERP

A quick primer on Cloud ERP, including definitions for Software as a Service ERP (SaaS), private cloud ERP and cloud computing. Guests Pemeco principal Jonathan Gross and IFS North America CTO Rick Veague also discuss a recent IFS North American study on Cloud ERP and the IFS Applications as a Service Private Cloud offering.

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