IFS Cloud on Microsoft Azure

It’s a busy and fast-moving world. Markets expand and contract, competitors dwindle or thrive, economies fluctuate and technology moves ever onward. Deploying IFS® products on the Microsoft® Azure® cloud give you the possibility to quickly adapt to change. It brings together a recognized leader in enterprise software with an outstanding cloud-based platform for providing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or a fully managed cloud.


IFS Cloud – IaaS™ on Microsoft Azure is a single-tenant IaaS option that enables customers to deploy IFS products on virtual servers in Microsoft Azure, rather than in their own data center. This option is great for customers who want to retain control over the application layer themselves, or who have an existing partner whom they wish to manage the IFS products for them. 

IFS Managed Cloud™ on Microsoft Azure is a full-service, managed single-tenant offering where IFS manages the cloud infrastructure, operating system, database, middleware and IFS products. This provides customers with the confidence that the people who created the software are also the ones managing their environments, together with the scale and agility inherently built into a cloud solution delivered on Microsoft Azure.  IFS Applications has been tested and optimized to work seamlessly on Microsoft Azure. When you choose IFS Managed Cloud on Microsoft Azure, you sign one contract and IFS delivers one seamlessly integrated service – it is as simple as that. By having IFS manage your environment, your company can leverage IFS’s expertise and the economics of the cloud without needing to retain costly skills and infrastructure.

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