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ERP Software Usability

Your investment in enterprise software is of little value if users do not embrace their new enterprise environment. If enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) or other enterprise environment is too hard to use, people will find ways around it. So you will not get the process standardization, best practices and enterprise visibility you paid for.

That is why IFS has placed a premium on not just usability, but the complete user experience—in short we want people to love our application. The main user interface is stylish and intuitive. Slick looking apps for smartphones and tablets take care of everyday time and expense reporting, approvals and more. It is easier to recognize than remember, so we use navigational schema users already understand from using the web. We embed an enterprise application search tool for Google-like ease when locating documents and information. Embedded document management allows users to attach documents to any object in the application. IFS Applications also leverages Enterprise 2.0 thinking through our innovative IFS Talk collaboration tool, enabling the capture of conversations and unstructured data across the entire suite.

Enterprise Software Usability

Customize your view of IFS Applications, add conditional work requirements and access applications from multiple screen sizes for maximum usability.


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