CSR Solutions for green business and ISO 26000


CSR—Corporate Social Responsibility—is becoming increasingly important in the global marketplace—both in terms of mitigating risks associated with legal compliance as well as enhancing business insight to boost profitability. IFS’s unique ERP offering includes a broad variety of solutions for efficient reporting and enhanced control in the field of CSR and non-financial reporting. The solutions are fully integrated with IFS Applications to promote user productivity and reduce time spent on non-value-adding administration and thereby cut costs.

The state of CSR technology among large companies

As part of IFS’s commitment to the field of CSR, IFS commissioned IDC to conduct a global survey on companies’ attitudes toward CSR reporting. The white paper is based on interviews with CFOs in global companies with an annual turnover in excess of EUR 100 million in eight countries.

Main Findings

  • Accurate and reliable CSR data will become increasingly important as companies are pressured to document their CSR activities and integrate sustainability and financial reporting.
  • 61 percent of the surveyed companies state a strong interest in embedded enterprise software to track and measure the company's impact on the environment.
  • 63 percent of companies have tried to quantify the financial contribution from CSR tracking. However, only 66 percent are confident in their ability to correctly track this financial contribution.

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