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IFS Applications is a single, integrated application suite that enables global and demanding businesses to successfully handle 4 core processes:

Service & Asset Management

Full Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Field Service Management (FSM) capabilities.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with support for process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing and demanding manufacturing modes.


Project Management is a core component and can be leveraged as Project-driven ERP, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and more.

Supply Chain Management

As a support function for ERP and EAM or as a powerful logistics solution in demanding environments like aerospace and defense.

See How IFS Applications 9 Enhances Business Agility

Enjoy this quick overview of how IFS Applications 9 adds value to existing customers and a solution of choice for companies selecting new enterprise software.

IFS Applications 9 Unveiled

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