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IFS Labs looks beyond today’s expectations of enterprise software. We take our inspiration from consumer technologies and innovative solutions from a range of industries, and apply these innovative concepts to IFS Applications. At IFS Labs, we prove concepts today that customers will ask for tomorrow to make their everyday work more productive, efficient and fun. IFS Labs is part of IFS Research & Development.

Innovation Projects in IFS Labs

Since time is our most valuable asset, we asked ourselves; how can IFS Applications free up more time for customers to use for value-added activities? The result is Streams.

Assume the delivery date for a critical sales order is suddenly postponed. With Streams, you can subscribe to alerts in IFS Applications and proactively contact your customer to verify whether the late delivery is OK or to discuss alternatives.

Streams keeps users' fingers on the pulse of the business, actively notifying them of events and removing manual processes to follow up on things.

Mobility has become the new normal in business. With the consumer market as the driver, mobility is evolving in a new direction by utilizing wearable technologies such as smart watches, smart glasses, activity trackers, and wearable cameras.

IFS can now showcase how notifications from IFS Applications can deliver wearable enterprise software to technologies such as the Samsung Gear 2 smart watch.

New devices and behavior create new expectations of how you should benefit from your business application. Wearables might soon become a commodity—IFS Labs has already tested the concept.

When things start to talk over the Internet, your imagination is the only limitation. However, creating real business benefit requires that we use the internet of things (IoT) to focus on solutions that bring business value where it is most urgently needed.

Together with early adopters, IFS Labs is developing an IT infrastructure that collects data from devices to analyze and trigger actions in IFS Applications in a broader sense.

With intelligent things that communicate in real time, companies can act and prevent actions before they cause any damage. The result is lower cost, more satisfied customers and improved profits—honestly, your imagination is the only limit to what you can achieve.

“IFS, what is the status of purchase order number 123?” Imagine if you could talk to IFS Applications the way you can talk to modern consumer devices.

Smartphones have enabled much easier ways to access and report business data, but still you need a screen and keyboard. What if your hands are occupied or if there are smarter ways to “type” than using a keyboard? What if your phone became your personal assistant—not just to find the nearest Starbucks, but also in matters related to customers, orders, projects, and other aspects of your business?

Today, you can navigate your smartphone using your voice. IFS Labs is now exploring similar voice interfaces for IFS Applications. It’s another new behavior and technology that will enhance the user experience and productivity.

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