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Usability is more than just cool design. It’s also about creating an efficient, intuitive interface that’s easy to learn, use and configure. Imagine the business benefits in terms of speed of implementation, user acceptance, and the willingness and ability to discover smarter ways of working if users truly loved their enterprise applications.

IFS remains committed to a complete user experience (UX) by considering all user groups and types, and by making IFS Applications accessible whatever device it’s used on, from desktop to smartphone. Continued focus on ‘configure, don’t customize’ hands more power to users to shape the interface to best suit their professional needs and preferences. Innovations like IFS Lobby, IFS Streams and IFS Talk increase visibility and transparency, streamline communication and workflows, and keep users at all levels abreast of what’s happening in the enterprise—as it happens. So whether they’re in the office, miles offshore or in the middle of a forest, they’re well positioned and agile enough to anticipate shifts in markets and trends so they can capitalize on change.

See How IFS Applications 9 Enhances Business Agility

Enjoy this quick overview of how IFS Applications 9 adds value to existing customers and a solution of choice for companies selecting new enterprise software.

IFS Applications 9 Unveiled

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IFS Applications—solutions for agile business

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IFS Lobby and Streams Overview

Two new user-friendly capabilities of IFS Applications 9. Find out more with this executive summary on IFS Lobby and Streams.