IFS EOI Training

IFS Academy offers a wide range of classroom training. All courses are based on the latest version of the IFS EOI Platform. Should you wish to discuss specific options for your organization, please contact IFS Academy.


Business Modeling (1/2) 2 days 04-12-2017 05-12-2017 More
Business Modeling (2/2) 2 days 06-12-2017 07-12-2017 More  
*all courses are based on the latest version of IFS EOI


  • All standard IFS EOI courses cost €495,- per person per training day, excluding VAT.
  • A planned training goes ahead if there are at least three registered participants.
  • The maximum size of a training group is between 6-12 persons (depending on the course).
  • All training materials will be handed out on the first day of training.
  • Access to training Model Databases will be given on the first day of training.


IFS EOI is not yet available as eLearning option. Please contact IFS Academy if you would like to know more on our plans to incorporate eLearning into our EOI Academy portfolio.