IFS Applications Training

IFS Academy offers a wide range of classroom training. All courses are based on the latest version of IFS Applications. Should you wish to discuss specific options for your organization, please contact IFS Academy.


TRAINING*                          DURATION    START          FINISH        
Preventative Maintenance 1 day 20-11-2017 20-11-2017 More
Schedules & Rules 2 days 21-11-2017 22-11-2017 More
Solution Manager 2 days 29-11-2017 30-11-2017 More
SQL Basic 1 day 06-12-2017 06-12-2017 More
Business Analytics 3 days 06-12-2017 08-12-2017 More
New User Training 1 day 07-12-2017 07-12-2017 More
SQL Advanced 1 day 07-12-2017 07-12-2017 More
IFS Fundamentals (1/2) 3 days 11-12-2017 13-12-2017 More
Extensibility 2 days 11-12-2017 12-12-2017 More
Report Designer 2 days 13-12-2017 14-12-2017 More
CRM 2 days 14-12-2017 15-12-2017 More
IFS Fundamentals (2/2) 2 days 18-12-2017 19-12-2017 More
*all courses are based on the latest version of IFS Applications


All standard classroom training costs €450,- per person per training day, excluding VAT. Exceptions to the standard classroom training is the Associate Exam Training. This training costs €490,- per person per training day, excluding VAT. The fee for taking the Associate Exam is €200,- excluding VAT. If you do not succeed the first time, you may take one second chance for the examination for free. Any subsequent attempt cost €200,- excluding VAT per resit.You can register here.


  • A scheduled classroom training goes ahead if there are at least three registered participants.
  • The maximum size of a training group is (dependent on course) between 6-12 persons.
  • All training materials will be handed out on the first day of training.


The IFS Fundamentals training is also available as eLearning. Registering for this course will give you 3 months access to our online training portal. In this time period you can follow the training on your own at any given moment. The full eLearning course for IFS Fundamentals costs €925,- per person, excluding VAT. Interested in the eLearning course? Please contact IFS Academy.