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There are a lot of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for process manufacturing. But not many of them take into consideration the real complexities faced by the industry. A batch process manufacturer is by default a mixed-mode manufacturer.

IFS Applications offers both process and discrete manufacturing capabilities in a flexible, integrated package with world class quality management and traceability from the raw material supply chain through to the finished product shipped to an individual customer. This single version of the truth contains the data necessary for streamlined compliance with HAACP, FDA, USDA, REACH and other regulations affecting process manufacturers.

A batch manufacturer requires recipe management and process manufacturing software that gracefully dovetails with discrete manufacturing functionality once the product is packaged in a discrete unit by weight.

IFS is a leading supplier to the process manufacturing industry

IFS helps process manufacturing organizations to embrace what’s next by providing:

  • Industry expertise
  • Agile software
  • Global reach

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IFS Applications enables Akbar Brothers to meet its customer service promises

The world’s leading exporter of tea from Sri Lanka, Akbar Brothers has enjoyed improved productivity, increased employee satisfaction and rapid customer-order fulfilments since first implementing IFS Applications in 2010.

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William Grant Works With IFS

Beverage company William Grant selects IFS Applications over SAP, Oracle for process ERP.


Imagine seamless supply chain communication with subsidiaries, suppliers, partners, and customers—whether they are across town or across the globe? And monitoring processes across geographical and departmental boundaries? Or easily sensing and responding to changes in demand to strike a balance between customer service and cost of supply? What would it be like to have a single integrated system that supports quality management, product development, material compliance forecasting and CRM—with data instantly available to all who require it? What if your ERP solution matched the needs of your industry, including recipe management, batch balancing, lot batch tracking, multiple units of measure, and shelf life and expiration date management? Imagine an ERP vendor who automatically ensured that material compliance processes always met domestic and international legislation and requirements? And offered integrated eco-footprint management?

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IFS Applications helps Silvermill Group face climate change challenges


A shortage of raw materials brought on by climate change was creating complex macroeconomic challenges for Silvermill Group; a supplier of coconut ingredients. In addition, recent diversification and rapid expansion of operations had also presented management with a resourcing challenge.

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Competition is on the rise. Price and margin pressures combine with increased supply chain complexity to create an environment where maintaining or improving efficiency is essential as the business landscape grows in size and complexity.

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