Moving up a partner level


Recent polls show that customers are more likely to engage with experienced, certified partners – and IFS is here to ensure our partners realize their full potential. Attaining a Silver, Gold or Platinum partnership not only comes with many added benefits but also exemplifies your abilities and expertise as a partner to our customer base.

Tier requirements for your particular partner type can be found by clicking the applicable type in the left-hand navigation. Review the requirements of your desired or current tier level and click on the "Moving Up a Partner Level" link to fill out the form. This is a simple and straightforward way for you as a partner to move up to the next level in the Partner Program, but it also allows IFS to quickly verify that you have met all the requirements of the next or current partner level, applicable to your partner type. 

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to reach out to your partner manager or the Partner Network office for assistance.