Defense Support Software

Defense support software must enable defense contractors and the military to operate effectively within a challenging landscape of budget scrutiny, increased regulatory requirements, increasingly complex fleets of equipment, scarce resources, complex IT landscapes and demanding operational tasking.

Defense organizations need to:

  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Optimize maintenance processes, resource planning, forecasting and maintenance visits
  • Improve use of facility capacity
  • Improve financial performance
  • Remain compliant with international operating standards
  • Optimize a scarce and expensive military and civilian workforce
  • Implement best practice supply chain processes

 …with a 360-degree command level view of processes, performance and value chains.

IFS offers products and solutions, as well as a team with operational and service experience, to the defense support industry, including:

Software solutions supporting defense requirements

IFS Maintenix for Defense Aviation

IFS Maintenix provides military aviation maintenance programs with the information accuracy and timeliness required to confidently manage a distributed network of resources, balanced against ongoing, day-to-day operational requirements in support of operational readiness. With unmatched experience in supporting the needs of military maintenance organizations, IFS provides today's defense operators with the market's only MRO software solution to offer real-time, total asset visibility across a distributed network.

  • Affordable readiness – Precisely monitor asset availability rates and link policy changes to maintenance outcomes in order to achieve significant reductions in sustainment costs.
  • Optimize performance – Effectively plan and schedule maintenance based on real-time mission and asset utilization data, resource constraints and parts availability, without incurring costs due to oversupply.
  • Operational agility – Confidently react to unexpected events and changing mission profiles to reduce asset time-out-of-service and optimize operational readiness.
  • Total asset visibility – Actively manage the logistics network with an integrated, holistic approach for the achievement of targeted performance improvements and improved decision-making.
  • Deployed operations – Accurately identify assets, resources and required maintenance through in-theater visibility of operational, intermediate and depot maintenance and real-time total asset visibility (TAV) of globally deployed assets.

In-Service Asset Sustainment Programs

IFS offers software that can enable specific program support for assets in service, including land and sea assets, as well as communications systems and equipment. IFS Applications can be deployed at the core of a systems integrator's offering to their military customer, or implemented directly by the military end user or performance-based logistics (PBL) provider.

  • Fleet management
  • Deployed operations
  • Supply chain
  • Spare part management 
  • Configuration control
  • Operational intelligence and program performance management

Babcock Marine standardizes on IFS Applications

IT Director of Babcock Marine, Tim Welburn, details how IFS Applications supported the leading engineering supplier's recent expansion, resulting in a number of different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems being used across the organization. The company has now standardized all of its systems into a single instance of IFS Applications supporting delivery of engineering, maintenance repair overhaul, and contracting for availability and performance-based logistics contracts.

Tim Welburn says, "I think what it'll give us is not only the business benefits around cash savings and more efficiency, but it will also allow us to be more agile—and agility is a really key thing for us. It's about being able to deploy our solution into new acquisitions or into new contracts, being able to adapt the ways we work."

Babcock Marine Customer Testimonial Video

Defense Enterprise Management

IFS offers software that enables defense enterprise organizations to operate efficiently. Whether they are trying to achieve departmental, facility or whole-force enterprise management, IFS products and solutions span HQ, logistics, fleet and asset management, asset readiness and operational intelligence and can be implemented by the government department themselves, private sector advisor or SI partner.

  • Whole force logistics management
  • Financial, performance and operational information for decision making
  • Configuration management, MRO and logistics
  • Facilities management
  • Workforce management and scheduling

OEM and Equipment Supply

IFS offers management and manufacturing software to defense OEMs and equipment suppliers, with a full enterprise-wide product including finance and HR functionality, as well as manufacturing and lifecycle support capability.

  • Complete product lifecycle management
  • Mixed-mode manufacturing
  • Project pegging
  • Enterprise operational intelligence
  • After sales and customer service
  • Compliance and export control built-in

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