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RigServ's consulting practice provides clients with extensive industry expertise combined with data-driven, objective, and innovative solutions to their most complex problems. Our professionals have backgrounds in supply chain management, information technology, management and administration, finance, accounting, recruiting, and talent management. Our experts specialize in areas such as supply chain, finance, operations, regulatory compliance, and data management, as well as investigations, litigation, and dispute resolution.

A new ERP implementation, or a major upgrade, impacts your entire oil and gas business and we at RigServ are here to help.

We provide expert resources and solutions for our clients including:

  • Highly experienced ERP Consultants who know your business from the rig floor to the board room
  • Expert management of ERP upgrades, implementations, maintenance and support, proven methodologies and processes to reduce complexity and optimize performance. We also offer full Training and competency management solutions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness gains

All of these resources ultimately help you cut costs, increase security and reliability, and boost your ROI.

So whether you're looking for technical operation and management of your ERP applications or even a remote ERP Basis team, RigServ can provide you a customized solution that suits your oil and gas company needs.

Supply Chain Policy and Procedure Development

Supply Chain Services​

Our management team has worked in the offshore oil and gas industry for an average of 20 years in almost every major geographic location, so we completely understand your problems. Due to our vast experience and wide network we are able to offer you a unique cost effective solution to your Supply Chain challenges. RigServ has a team of qualified people ready to help tackle your challenges head on. Our experienced professionals provide a full range of procurement and outsourcing services for both large and small companies. These include:

Supply Chain Solutions:

  • Inventory Management Consulting
  • ERP Lifecycle Development (MS Dynamics, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and SAP)
  • Supply Chain Policy and Procedure Development
  • Management Reporting/Metrics Development
  • Material Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Material and Purchasing Audits (including Offshore Supply Chain Audits)
  • Expediting
  • New Company Start-Up
  • Project Purchasing and Material Coordination
  • Document Control and Project Documentation Compilation
  • Air and Ocean Logistics Coordination
  • Export/Import Coordination and Facilitation
  • Field Material Control
  • Field Inspection Services

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