Visular brings you associates who have had jobs with significant operational responsibilities including a background of effectively managing consultants to deliver quickly and then transition their knowledge into the client organization.

Building on this experience, we excel in:

Working Ourselves Out of a Job. We clearly define tangible deliverables for all engagements, execute rapidly, and help companies become self-reliant rather than dependant on consultants by building a framework for continued success.

Building Up Your A Players. As experts in identifying, motivating, and coaching top talent we leave behind strong, high-performance teams that are set up for success.

Managing Your Vendors and Creating Win-Win Partnerships. We leverage our experience to help clients determine where they need to maintain core competencies internally and where they need to outsource. Clearly defining and articulating a sustainable joint value proposition between partners is our specialty.

Balancing Quality and Delivery. We help our clients understand and manage this critical tension so they can compete in today’s markets with the required speed. Our drive for effective delivery can be felt in all our engagements.

Harmonizing Strategic and Tactical Management. In challenging environments it can be difficult for managers to find the time to create a clear strategy for success. We bring our real-world experience and proven instincts on where to focus and prioritize to help you craft a plan for managing change and improving performance.

Knowing when to say “no”. We will work hard to solve your problems, but will also tell clients when we cannot help and then make referrals or recommendations on alternatives. We don’t believe in trying to be all things to all people or always saying “yes” just to close a deal.

From strategic business planning to the details of managing a complex project, Visular is experienced in getting results quickly and cost effectively. Our associates are experts in delivery with solid backgrounds in Strategic Leadership, Project Management and Process Improvement. As technology professionals with years of on-the-job experience we know many tools and methodologies, but more importantly we know how and when to apply them to drive positive change. During every engagement, training your team to be true Problem Solvers with an emphasis on developing leadership skills is always a priority. We don’t want your business to become dependent on consultants, but rather focus on building on your employees’ talents so that when we leave your organization is stronger.

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