Ateles Consulting

Ateles is one of the most experienced Nordic-based consulting companies specialized in developing customized solutions for eCommerce, PIM and omnichannel. Ateles works with clients in big and mid-sized companies in the B2C and B2B segments. We advise our clients on their strategical issues as well as develop, implement, and maintain eCommerce solutions that are of the highest quality and that incorporate the most cutting-edge technology.

Ateles’ main focus is to work to improve their customers’ use of digital solutions and tools to its full potential in order to make their business successful. We build solutions for our clients that strengthen their businesses, make internal processes more efficient, and strengthens relationships with customers and suppliers – using standard platforms customized to the customer’s business. In this way, our customers gain an efficient start to their e-business venture. 

Through an extensive partner network with companies in all fields related to E-commerce we build complete e-business solutions for our clients. 

  • E-commerce consultancy services
    Ateles Consulting is the E-commerce partner to IFS Applications. We provide joint clients with strategical advice and development for their E-commerce Venture.
  • IFS E-commerce Integration
    Ateles offers high-quality integration between IFS Applications and any given E-commerce Platform. Ateles also offers a standardized integration “IFS eCommerce Integration” to a wide range of E-commerce platforms. For more information please contact us.

Type of Partner:

  • Software


  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden