Profitable user friendliness propelling business processes everywhere is Din ERP's trade mark. Din ERP provides user-friendly web and mobile solutions for all platforms and devices tightly integrated with IFS Applications. Through proactive information and provisioning business processes, progress is accelerated whether in the office or out and about. 

The user experience and workflow are improved through Din ERP's solutions; bridging the gap between the different systems in the company and offering one intuitive interface for accessing and working with all information in and between companies. 

Profit from the Din ERP/IFS partner agreement by introducing your customers to Din ERP for improved user experience and efficiency.

Human Resources

Report, authorize, and manage hours through an intuitive and efficient web interface and keep employee information accurate and findable. With considerable experience and thought, our solution greatly simplifies your Human Resource processes. This is because the end user data input is quick, accurate, and easy. You will get detailed input forms in addition to an overview and approval web part.

Document Management 

With our document management solution you can create new documents, use templates, import multiple files, tag the important metadata and connect one or more IFS business objects for easy access at a later stage. Find all documents that are listed for those who are part of the related work processes with no searching required. Working and collaborating with documents has never been easier!

Business Intelligence 

Get continuous presentations of user relevant, role based KPI’s in an easy to use interface on your company’s intranet or mobiles combined with drilldown capabilities with our Business Intelligence solution. This ensures frequent use and enables tight follow up on focus areas based on the most recent data available.


Projects benefit from dependable procurement and delivery processes. With our solution, we ensure proactive information provisioning with rapid approval processes followed by automatic purchase order generation. Procurement professionals can focus on planning, sourcing, and negotiating rather than assisting in or carrying out routine purchases.

Supplier Invoice 

Corporate invoice processing is resource consuming throughout the organization. With our solution, you will expand the benefits of your ERP system to the entire organization and provide a user-friendly interface. Proactive information provisioning ensures swift response to pending activities and elimination of obstacles, thus accelerating business processes.

Business Mobility 

With your most widely used business process available everywhere, processes flow swiftly and time is spent wisely. Get authorizations, reviews and approvals without boundaries. Timely reporting and accurate data enables rapid invoicing. Expense reporting while on the go ensures data quality and individual cash balance.

Mobile Work order 

Our Mobile Work Order application provides a good overview in the smallest possible format combined with good and fast navigation, easy search and filter, is touch-friendly, and has an attractive design. In addition, the app’s graphics profile can easily be adapted to the company’s branding requirements.

Expansion of IFS capabilities 

Din ERP is able to expand the capabilities of IFS. If your customer is challenging IFS capabilities, then Din ERP may be able to assist – as we have done in other cases, to enable you to secure the deal – and get a happy customer. 

Type of Partner:

  • Software


  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden