Prize Solutions

Prize Solutions is a Perth-based Solutions provider who has been in operation since early 2014 and has been successfully implementing and consulting in IFS since its inception.  With a wealth of knowledge in systems implementation, integration and process re-engineering, customers throughout Perth have experienced firsthand the benefits of utilizing Prizes’ expertise; both as part of their implementation as well as assisting with further module adoptions post implementation.


With a wealth of industry experience and exposure representing both vendors and customers, Prize personnel understand systems and how best to integrate into company processing.


Being involved in multiple implementations, Prize knows how to extract, transform, and load data from legacy systems into IFS via the IFS migration tool.

Configurable Customizations

With the flexibility of IFS customizations, Prize adds the finishing touches to IFS through the use of various customization features including events and actions, custom fields /LU’s/menus etc.  Even migration jobs can be used to implement customer specific processing.

Put simply, Prize works together with IFS to deliver value-added solutions to its customers.  It does this by ensuring resources are available for busy periods, as well as supporting existing customers with its technical capabilities, particularly those that do not have in-house technical capabilities.

Type of Partner:

  • Referral


  • Australia