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GreenlightPM is a Leading, Innovative, and International Management Consulting Company, focusing on Project Management.

Driven by our passion for Project Management, we are dedicated to improving our customers' business results. With over 100 customer engagements each year, and over 15,000 training attendees since we started more than ten years ago, we have acquired many valuable experiences. With experiences from more than 70 countries, helping multinational industry leaders as well as local start-ups, to improve business results by promoting the importance of a common project culture and a strong focus on innovation and change management.

Our Mission is to help our clients achieve Outstanding Business Results through Great Project Performance – realized by the Best Project Management, enabled by an Excellent Project Culture. We contribute with extensive experience and competence, and our Project Management 3.0 framework, which includes Project Management Consulting, Continuous Transformation, and Competence Development and Training.

This expertise in multiple sectors, countries, and with different customers (in size, culture and needs), as well as our methodologies and working frames, is very useful for companies like IFS, where time, resources and risk involved in the implementation of software tools for their customers have to be optimized.

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Greenlight Project Management has contacts, methods, frames, human resources and a service portfolio that IFS can use to optimize its sale and software tools deployment cycles, internally as well as with its customers, minimizing time, risk and resources needed, as well as increasing customer satisfaction due to less conflicts and project fulfillment.

IFS has stronger Marketing and Sales resources, so GreenlightPM can enter in large accounts via IFS, which otherwise could not be reached alone.


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