XMReality is all about taking service and support to a new level.

XMReality Remote Guidance is based on augmented reality and creates significant cost saving and revenue-increasing opportunities. Travel costs are often substantial for any company with technicians operating in the field. Every trip saved when an expert can guide people remotely is a financial and environmental gain.

Companies can also improve their service quality. Faster and more accurately performed service means more valuable service contracts and goodwill, whose long-term brand value is hard to overestimate.

XMReality solution

Augmented Reality software enabling remote guidance/support

Smart glasses

For hands-free support of technicians

XMReality and IFS Mobile work order collaborate to create efficient service and support. Example: a person is handling an issue at site and he/she needs to reach out to an expert in order to solve the task. XMReality is engaged and an expert guides the technician thru the process and solves the problem. The guidance is the stored down into the MWO and can be used for documentation on tasks, for warranty issues or even for other technicians as an aid to solve similar problems. First-time fix ratio increases, savings on travels are significant, and in the end there is a happy customer.

Type of Partner:

  • Technology
  • Software


  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden