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Epiance is the leading provider of enterprise software that helps companies manage their IT driven business process transformations successfully.

Our products deliver a combination of process automation, knowledge transfer, performance support and process improvement capabilities that reduce costs, increase productivity and improve business performance.

IFS Trainer Capture: Used to capture/record the business processes and review them.

IFST Developer: Used to Review, Edit and Publish unlimited Documents, eLearning, Workflows, Cue cards, etc.

IFST ERMS: EpiTracker is a tracking & reporting system for monitoring user competency. It tracks & reports of usage of simulation, assessment & presentation by end users.

IFST ECMS: Epiplex content management system is a portal where you can host the content and give hierarchical access rights to the users.

IFST Epitracker: Enterprise Repository Management System is used for Collaborative authoring and version controlling of Epiplex500 files.

IFS EPSS 500: Electronic Performance Support System that provides "Live" application and contextual support to all end users across the organization. Works on client server model. A thin EPSS client is installed in each user workstation.

IFST Analyzer: Analyzer User and Preference management system used for Process Monitoring, workbench for defining and managing the business process.


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IFS Trainer ensures high and rapid end user adoption for companies involved in IT driven transformation initiatives. Companies can ensure high end user adoption for their application rollouts leveraging our solutions that deliver sophisticated capabilities for Process Knowledge Transfer and On Demand Electronic Performance Support.

Benefits Include:

  • Ensure User operational readiness
  • Ensure high user adoption
  • Ensure minimal business disruption
  • Reduce support costs
  • Ensure best practice compliance
  • Reduce re-training efforts and costs for upgrades
  • Faster realized ROI from ERP investment
  • Reduced time to competency


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Type of Partner:

  • Software


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