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IFS Applications is a comprehensive business system for mid-sized and large organisations, and is specialised in a number of business processes.

Experience from customers, user groups, industry analysts and the company’s strong network of partners has been combined to create leading industry solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Structural changes such as globalisation, market transparency through the Internet, consolidation, specialisation, etc. are making it harder to label companies based purely on their industrial belonging. As a matter of fact, the landscape of processes in which a company is operating often offers a better illustration of its actual business and challenges than the industry under which it is labelled.

IFS focuses on agile businesses where any of the following four core processes are strategic: service and asset management, manufacturing, supply chain and projects. This focus provides customers with competitive advantages in their own markets and has made IFS the leader in several industries. Within maintenance and logistics systems for Aerospace & Defence, for example, IFS is the global market leader.

In addition to the processes supported by all business systems, such as finances, inventories, customer management and traditional manufacturing, IFS Applications is specialised in a number of specific manufacturing processes and in support for the entire life cycle of products, from construction to maintenance and aftermarket services. This provides substantial advantages for customers, the information created during construction and manufacturing being important when the products are later maintained, possibly during several decades.

In recent years, IFS has seen increased demand for IT support for project-orientated activities in several of its targeted industries. IFS has worked quickly to provide enhanced software components to better manage challenges such as cost, time, resources, liquidity and risk in project-driven activities. The optimisation of these key areas results in better control and is the key to enhanced efficiency. It also provides increased opportunities to capitalise on new business opportunities. The use of traditional organisational structures and systems makes it difficult to handle operational situations in real-time and reduces flexibility, as it is necessary to balance resources in relation to expected deliveries. It is expensive and difficult to assess whether new business opportunities, but also ongoing operations, will be profitable.

IFS has two distinct advantages over competitors: the single integrated product line in IFS Applications and the fact that it has been component-based for more than a decade. This means that IFS is uniquely placed to supply business components that take advantage of today’s Service-Orientated Architectures (SOA).

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IFS Applications for Enterprise Asset Management

Asset management – where it all began. It’s our legacy, and for more than 25 years, we have refined our skills and technology in this area we are proud to call our backyard.

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