ERP for Oilfield Equipment Manufacturers

Oil field machinery companies that manufacture capital equipment for the petroleum industry can rely on IFS Applications for powerful functionality for Engineer-to-Order (ETO) manufacturing, project management, document management and aftermarket service management.


VBMS is a market leader in offshore cable installation, providing complete specialised offshore marine cables that play a crucial role in transferring electricity, data, and telecommunications. Working on offshore projects in various regions, VBMS needed a way to secure real-time cost reporting in order to ensure control of its international projects. VBMS decided to deploy IFS Notify Me, a member of the IFS Touch Apps family, enabling project managers to approve purchase orders, expenses and invoices in the field.

VBMS customer story


Oil and Gas industry suppliers want to shorten lead times and drive product innovation. IFS Applications gives you what is needed to support product lifecycles, from concept development through engineering, manufacturing, service and after-sales support. Product information is available to those who need it, when they need it.


With comprehensive product data management, real two-way CAD integrations, and integrated document management, IFS Applications efficiently supports your engineering and design processes. Working in a single system, electrical, mechanical and structural engineers share information, no matter what design tools are used. This encourages collaboration and removes approval cycle bottlenecks by putting all relevant information at management’s fingertips and streamlines document review.


In IFS Applications, costs and revenues are budgeted, tracked and compared – not only in the general ledger but project-by-project. This ensures real-time follow-up and tracking of incurred and actual costs, with reliable forecasting, both detailed and overall, based on the EV principles – including ETC, EAC and S-curve. Managers look at near real-time project data and future performance projections, rather than just being presented – after the fact – with budget, schedule and specification results. IFS Applications helps you manage the future, not just the past.

Oil Field Equipment Suppliers

IFS offers an integrated, standard solution for discrete manufacturers of equipment and systems, including mixed-mode manufacturing. Oil and Gas industry suppliers may need to handle both project-driven, Engineer-to-Order (ETO) processes and product lines in parallel with other production modes, including configure-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order or repetitive.

IFS Applications supports your ETO processes with a unique project-orientated solution that includes integrated project-planning and product data management – as well as project-based manufacturing and purchasing – with project-driven based material planning as a supplement to Material Resource Planning (MRP).

Project management functionality captures all relevant related activities, including purchases, costs, production, documentation and shipments. Furthermore, integration with financials highlights performance issues immediately, allowing managers to adapt as conditions change.

Comprehensive product data management and real two-way CAD integrations gives you the single source of truth needed in tiered supply chains in which participants specify any of several CAD environments, including lightweight collaborative formats.

Oilfield Equipment Manufacturers

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