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A selection of the most recent clippings about IFS from online and in-print news sources.

2014 Coverage

11th August 2014 – Diginomica

Digital makeover boosts mobile workforce management at PHS

PHS are currently in the final phase of rolling out a new mobile workforce management system which allows it to track the location of its engineers and allocate urgent jobs on the fly. Reporting by Phil Wainewright.
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7th August 2014 – ComputerworldUK

PHS invest £5 million on customer-service focussed IT products

Margi Murphy reports on how PHS is moving to the cloud, mobilising workforce and creating customer-focussed websites.
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29th July 2014 – ComputerworldUK

Whitworths improves productivity with new core application

Margi Murphy reports on the UK food manufacturer which is in the middle of a "massive sea change" with a new IT system from IFS.
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18th July 2014 – Diginomica

IFS CEO: Mobile is a game changer, no demand for big data or Saas

IFS, which specialises in ERP and related enterprise software for engineering-intensive industries, is reaping the benefits of the global economic recovery, based on its Q2 results yesterday. Phil Wainewright from Diginomica caught a briefing with CEO Alastair Sorbie to see how the $400 million-a-year vendor views its market.
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17th July 2014 – Computer Weekly

IFS reports 13% increase in first half software licence revenue

IFS, the Sweden-based ERP company that focuses on sectors such as aerospace, defence, and oil and gas, has reported half year licence revenue growth of 13%. IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie contrasted this with SAP’s 2% decline in traditional on-premise software licence revenue in the second quarter of 2014. Brian McKenna reports.
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27th June 2014 – Business Computing World

5 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of ERP

Dan Matthews, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IFS, provides five technology trends that he believes have the potential to shape the future of ERP, if implemented correctly.
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20th June 2014 – Manufacturing & Logistics IT

What impact will the manufacturing skills gap have on the UK's future economic growth

Antony Bourne, global industry director at IFS, discusses how a shortage of hi-tech skills could impact on the UK's future economic growth as the economic outlook continues to improve.
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27th May 2014 – The Manufacturer

ERP Connect review

James Pozzi reviews ERP Connect, The Manufacturer's biannual event recently held at London's Ambassadors Bloomsbury hotel.
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21st May 2014 – Computer Weekly

IFS ERP investment underlies port firm’s growth

In 2010 the UK government announced a £75bn investment in offshore wind in the North Sea. For companies supporting industry in this area, this was an opportunity to reverse a half a century of industrial decline.

Lindsay Clark explores how for PD Ports, which runs ports in Teeside, Hartlepool, Hull, Immingham and Felixstowe, capitalising on this opportunity meant getting an integrated view of their business by investing in a new enterprise resource planning system.
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8th May 2014 – Business Computing World

Enterprises Must Prepare To Embrace Wearable Tech

There’s no question that wearable devices will be the next widely adopted form of consumer technology. ‘Wearable tech’ was the talk of CES 2014, the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow in Las Vegas in January, and Gartner has predicted that the market will be worth $10 billion by 2016. David Andersson, Director of IFS Labs, examines how the enterprise might also benefit from this new technology.
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24th April 2014 – The Manufacturer

IFS demonstrates wearable technology benefits

James Pozzi examines the announcement by IFS Labs, the innovation division of global enterprise applications company IFS, that it has created a proof-of-concept that shows how users of business applications can benefit from wearable technology.
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23rd April 2014 – Computer Weekly

Wearable technology isn't real yet, is it?

Adrian Bridgwater discusses the announcement by IFS Labs that it has created a proof-of-concept that shows how users of business applications can benefit from wearable technology, such as the recently launched Samsung Gear 2.
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17th April 2014 – Apps World

More than a quarter of mid market firms lack a mobile strategy, research finds

Kate Williams examines the surprising results of new research, published by Intrinsic in conjunction with Vanson Bourne, that reveals that more than a quarter (28%) of mid market companies in the UK don’t have a mobile strategy in place.
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9th April 2014 – The Manufacturer

Can information systems keep up with the 3D printing?

Antony Bourne, global industry director at IFS, explores how information systems can keep pace with the accelerated progress of 3D printing.
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6th February 2014 – The Manufacturer

Aston Martin recall: what now for its supply chains?

Antony Bourne, global industry director at IFS, gives his take on the Aston Martin product recall which could result in the recall of over 17,000 of the automotive manufacturer's sports cars.
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31st January 2014 – Construction News

Construction News BIM roundtable

Industry pioneers met to debate how to build on the growing momentum behind BIM (Building Information Modelling) adoption and ways to tackle the issues of collaboration and education that stand in the technology's way.
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30th January 2014 – The Manufacturer

Enterprise mobility and UK manufacturers – the current state of play

Antony Bourne, global industry director at IFS, talks about the current state of the relationship between enterprise mobility and UK manufacturing.
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29th January 2014 – Shipping & Marine

The data day

The defence maritime industry is still finding its feet with big data but as it continues to march forward into the information age, the value of this intelligence cannot be overlooked. Brendan Viggers takes a look at how big data will impact the maritime industry.
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13th January 2014 – Cloud Pro

Enterprise apps stores - why they're the future for business

More companies are looking at the benefits of enterprise apps stores, but what are the advantages? The rise of the enterprise app store is a phenomenon that is set to shake up the IT industry. Analyst Gartner recently predicted that a quarter of all enterprises would run an app store by 2017. Mark Samuels examines how CIOs can help their organisations deal with the increase in demand.
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8th January 2014 – The Manufacturer

New year, new wishes

James Pozzi speaks to five figures from UK manufacturing to get their industry wishes for 2014.
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6th January 2014 – Computer Weekly

Minerals firm Imerys upgrades IFS ERP as economy lifts

IT departments can be forced to upgrade business applications because the alternatives are unpalatable. But sometimes tackling a tough problem can yield unexpected rewards, writes Lindsay Clark.
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6th January 2014 – IT-Director.com

IFS report reveals enterprise mobility strategies focus on benefiting employees over customers

Results from a study of 200 CIOs and IT Managers from medium to large corporations.
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2013 Coverage

1st November 2013 – Director Magazine

What can apps do for my business?

Since arriving on our screens, apps have run the full gamut from infantile to indispensable. Now, they are opening up new worlds of revenue-generating opportunity for companies. But how, exactly? And who's doing it best? We asked the industry insiders. By Nick Scott.
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31st October 2013 – The Manufacturer

IFS World Conference roundup

James Pozzi rounds up the events at day two of the IFS World Conference in the Spanish city of Barcelona.
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29th October 2013 – ComputerworldUK

World turmoil and new industrial revolution fuels blue collar ERP market, says IFS

IFS counts on its niche position in the market. By Antony Savvas.
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29th October 2013 – ComputerworldUK

SAP draws fire from noisy neighbour IFS over HANA

'We can beat SAP in a straight fight for business' says IFS. By Antony Savvas.
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29th October 2013 – The Manufacturer

IFS World Conference: Day 1

For IFS, this year's World Conference arrives during a time of optimism. Having just announced healthy third quarter results, the ERP vendor touched down in Barcelona, where James Pozzi writes about the event's first day.
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28th May 2013 – The Manufacturer

Increased software mobility key to manufacturing innovation

Antony Bourne, global industry director at IFS, talks to The Manufacturer about why the industry is falling behind other sectors in embracing mobility in ERP software, and how this is proving detrimental to businesses.
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24th May 2013 – Construction News

The rise of mobility in construction

Kenny Ingram from IFS discusses how the construction industry is in a period of major consolidation, driven by fierce price competition where delivery on time and on budget is a fundamental requirement.
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20th May 2013 – Works Management

IT Shortlist 2013

No one relishes ripping and replacing major business systems, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Brian Tinham looks at recent developments as part of WM's IT Shortlist 2013 guide.
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14th May 2013 – Works Management

Big data or in-memory computing?

Brian Tinham, WM's technology editor, asks what is big data and how can it help manufacturers.
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13th May 2013 – Manufacturing Digital

Industry lessons from Chrysler Group's Jeep recall

Following Chrysler Group's SUV recall announcement this weekend, Antony Bourne, Global Director at IFS offers his comments.
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29th April 2013 – Computing

The Face of Modern ERP

The nature of how we do business is changing. The currency of global commerce is not just embracing more Indian rupees, Chinese yen, Russian rubles and Brazilian reais, but transforming from a dependence on the physical to increased reliance on the virtual. By Dan Matthews, CTO at IFS.
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5th March 2013 – Works Management

Visualisation on steroids

We're at the dawn of a new era of business process mapping and automation that promises to put the reins of ERP back in the hands of the business.
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8th January 2013 – BBC News

Predicting technology in 2013: Rise of the machines?

In this article by Fiona Graham, BBC News interviews IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie. He talks about how the market for mobile business applications will take off and become a natural part of IT strategy and infrastructure.
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4th January 2013 – CIO Connect

Staying Agile

CIO Connect visits the IFS World Conference 2012 in Sweden and discovers how CIOs are planning for change and using technology to meet new business demands. Article by Mark Samuels.
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2nd January 2013 – Information Age

Accidental innovations: A science fiction-inspired information interface

An attempt to recreate the Minority Report user interface led business applications vendor IFS to invent a new way of visualising data. Article by Gareth Morgan.
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2012 Coverage

7th December 2012 – Works Management

Brave new world

IFS global manufacturing industry director Antony Bourne talks about the trends that are impacting how manufacturers leverage IT.
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27th November 2012 – V3

The V3 Hot Seat: IFS chief technology officer Dan Matthews

As chief technology officer (CTO) at enterprise resource planning software firm IFS, Dan Matthews' responsibilities encompass researching, formulating, and communicating the strategic direction for IFS Applications. Article by Rosalie Marshall.
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15th November 2012 – IT Pro

Making IT more agile

Agility is critical in any business, especially when it comes to your tech environment. Mark Samuels provides some agile guidance for CIOs and business and IT decision makers.
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11th November 2012 – Manufacturing Digital

IFS offers slick solution for oil and gas manufacturers

Kenny Ingram, Global Oil & Gas Industry Director for IFS Applications discusses the future of technology within the sector and the benefits of integrated project lifecycle plans. Article by Jonny Williamson.
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1st November 2012 – Works Management

Better usability transforms ERP accessibility and user productivity

Less than a third (29%) of companies find their ERP systems intuitive and easy to use, with 50% stating bluntly that their applications can't have been designed with usability in mind. Article by Brian Tinham.
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1st November 2012 – The Manufacturer

5 signs that your ERP system is failing

Interview with IFS Europe West Managing Director, Paul Massey (requires purchase of digital/print edition, November 2012 issue). Article by Malcolm Wheatley.
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17th October 2012 – Computerworld UK

William Grant criticises SAP for lacklustre performance during procurement

William Grant's business champion, Jerry Ede, has criticised SAP for being complacent during its tender process to roll-out the whiskey giant's new ERP system. The company is currently consolidating twelve global ERP systems into one, for which it has selected IFS. However, both SAP and Oracle made the final stages of the procurement process, but fell short. Article by Derek du Preez.
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17th October 2012 – The Manufacturer

Babcock ready for its next round of acquisitions

UK engineering group Babcock has replaced its IT infrastructure in a project that will make it easier to acquire companies. Simon Parker, CIO at Babcock, said that there are "multiple areas" where it is looking to takeover new companies to absorb skills and technologies into its business to raise the barrier to its markets. Article by Tom Moore.
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17th October 2012 – V3

Security concerns holding back firms' mobile business plans

Firms mobile strategies are being stymied over security concerns, with IT departments unwilling to expose business applications to remote access controls, according to analysts. While firms have been more than happy to let users access email and collaboration tools via mobiles, access to business-critical systems is far more circumspect, said Jason Andersson, a programme director of analyst house IDC. Article by Gareth Morgan.
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15th October 2012 – Computing

Technology is fuelling a manufacturing revival

'The announcement last month that the Raspberry Pi will be manufactured in the Sony plant in Wales is the latest example of the trend towards (re)locating in the UK. A recent study by the Engineering Employers’ Federation (EEF) reveals the scale of this change: close to 40 per cent of British companies surveyed have moved production back here.' Read IFS CEO Alastair's opinion piece in Computing on how manufacturers are moving production back to the UK.
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15th October 2012 – Computerworld UK

Saab: Defence companies can put a red line through public cloud

Defence companies can effectively "put a red line through public cloud offerings" because of the security risks involved, according to a senior IT solutions manager at Swedish military equipment manufacturer Saab. Article by Derek du Preez.
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15th October 2012 – Computerworld UK

Babcock centralises core ERP in multi-million pound project

Babcock International is in the process of consolidating five instances of its IFS ERP system into one, in a multi-million project that follows the consolidation of the group's IT estate into a centralised infrastructure. Article by Derek du Preez.
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