Industrial Manufacturing Software is moving towards project ERP

Digital Transformation is allowing advances in sensing, robotics, big data and machine learning to inform, visualize, plan and track complex bespoke orders as never before.

As manufacturing becomes more project-based, ERP is evolving into true project ERP software. More industrial manufacturers every year are involved in complex, order-driven modes like engineer-to-order (ETO) and increasingly need to differentiate themselves in a global marketplace. IFS Applications, with its strong, embedded project management and document management functionality, is ideal for industrial manufacturers including:

  • ETO manufacturers, configure-to-order (CTO) manufacturers, make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers and mixed mode manufacturers
  • Custom manufacturers
  • Manufacturers with short product lifecycles

Spang upgrade to IFS Applications 9™

Seamless engagement between IFS and the customer is a major success factor in the outcome of an ERP system upgrade. This characterizes the way in which IFS and Spang & Company worked together to help this key customer enjoy immediate benefits from some of the new functions and features in IFS Applications 9.

Spang & Company upgrade to IFS Applications 9™

Miller-St. Nazianz Realize IT vision and Strategy with IFS Applications

Improved employee productivity, lower costs and greater profitability are three measurable benefits from deploying with IFS Applications.

Miller-St. Nazianz Customer story


IFS Applications’ inherent flexibility, based on a robust technical platform, leaves its industry users ready to respond to market and technology changes that can’t as yet be fully anticipated. 

IFS Applications includes solutions for enterprise asset management (EAM), product lifecycle management (PLM), and customer relationship management (CRM). In addition, IFS Project, IFS Document, and IFS Quality Management are themselves substantial solutions. 

For industrial manufacturers with needs for multi-mode, multi-language, multi-country enterprise capabilities, IFS Applications is a platform for achieving meaningful change that can support new products, services and channels. 

Enterprise asset management in IFS Applications combines calendar-based maintenance with event-based, condition-based and predictive maintenance strategies. Mobility solutions capture work orders, fault reports, routes and report times, spare parts and measurements on equipment—wherever you are. You will benefit from IFS’ lifecycle management solution, for integration and management of three critical business areas—products, customers and resources—from concept ideation through obsolescence.

IFS Industrial Manufacturing Solution Map

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