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Service providers of any type face real challenges: they must ensure on-time performance of mission-critical tasks while optimizing remotely-deployed workforces and support chains.

Real-time visibility is fundamental to success—and Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things are enabling advanced service fulfilment.

Informed control of activities must be the focus of an enterprise software solution used in this environment, regardless of whether work is performed on linear assets, at a customer site, in a depot or in an industrial facility.

IFS got its start as a service management software vendor in one of the most demanding industries in the world—nuclear power—so we understand this on a fundamental level. Today, we offer service providers perhaps the most complete software offerings on the market.

Service providers can rely on IFS across a broad spectrum of enterprise software, including:

IFS is a leading supplier to the service providers industry

IFS helps service provider organizations to embrace what’s next by providing:

  • Industry expertise
  • Agile software
  • Global reach

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Auto Windscreens increase efficiency and customer satisfaction with IFS Applications

For multiple industry award winner Auto Windscreens, a leading UK-based automotive glazing company, customer satisfaction is more than just a value-add—it’s the very foundation for business success.

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Cubic runs smoothly with a helping hand from IFS field service management

Field service management is a critical role for Cubic but also part of its competitive edge. And IFS plays makes them more agile as an organization that can deliver on its customer service promises.

Cubic Transportation Systems Testimonial


IFS enables you to move your business up the value chain by covering all your main business issues in a single, integrated source of ERP software


IFS Applications helps you increase productivity by optimizing your work force based on competencies, schedules, SLAs or other business differentiators. With the leading scheduling tool in the business, you can reduce redundancies, cut down on unnecessary trips, get the most out of your resources, while lessening your environmental footprint.


IFS Applications enables you to optimize resources based on contract scheduling constraints and service level agreements and ensure that the right technicians are in the right place at the right time. And the transparent, agile software facilitates contingency planning so you can reschedule on the fly if necessary. Also, the mobility enabled by IFS Applications means technicians spend more time in the field and less in the office, earning more, saving time and cutting administration costs.


IFS Applications’ built-in mobility ensures instant data capture—by the minute at times—and information flow for accuracy both upstream and downstream in the service supply chain. Equipping your field workforce with smartphones, tablets or laptops from the field not only increases productivity thanks to enhanced usability, but also improves the customer service experience.


With IFS Applications you know you have the right spares available, vans are correctly stocked, and you can see what has been used, and where. Its inventory management capabilities are integrated with your purchasing processes and supply chain management software. When parts have been reported used, you get an immediate update that triggers a purchase order if required to keep stocks at their agreed level—no more, no less.


Wherever you operate, the multisite, multi-language, multi-currency capabilities of IFS Applications ensure that your customers feel they are dealing with one company, with standard, unvarying quality of performance and delivery. And as you grow, IFS Applications lets you quickly integrate the new entities, reducing time to value and helping them contribute to ROI as fast as possible.


IFS Enterprise Service Management is a full service lifecycle management solution for every service provider. Whether you are providing service in the field, in a plant, at a customer's home or office, in a depot environment, on linear or other capital assets, or anywhere else, IFS Enterprise Service Management has a solution for you. And this is available regardless of whether you are delivering service through booking appointments, against demanding service level agreements (SLAs), adhering to maintenance contracts, with businesses, or directly with consumers.

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