Tuesday, November 26, 2013

IFS industry solutions help GE Aviation and F414 PBL Navy team win prestigious Department of Defense Award

The F414  PBL project, which was described as 'setting the benchmark' for performance-based engine support, is a collaborative effort between GE Aviation, IFS North America, Sogeti USA, and the U.S. Navy PBL Personnel.

The Secretary of Defense award recognizes government and aerospace and defense (A&D) industry teams that have demonstrated outstanding achievements while providing exceptional capability through PBL agreements. The F414 uses IFS’s A&D industry solutions for PBL in supporting more than 1,200 engines in the Navy inventory. It has delivered over $110 million in direct savings to the Navy Fleet Flying Hour Program and provided availability levels of over 95 percent, as well as driving substantial infrastructure cost avoidances.

“We are delighted that the DOD has recognized the importance of PBL in managing and supporting complex A&D projects such as this,” IFS North America Vice President of Defense Dan Norrish said. “Our solutions have helped facilitate over $110 million of direct savings through this partnership, at the same time as helping maintain an excellent level of material availability. The receipt of this award is evidence of the strong, effective relationship that has existed between IFS and GE Aviation since 2001.”

Learn more about the award - http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=76903#.Uk3bUr6IbUk.email

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