Monday, January 28, 2013

Argentinian nuclear energy authority expands use of IFS Applications for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Nucleoeléctrica Argentina SA (NA-SA), which operates nuclear power plants in the country of Argentina, is expanding its use of IFS Applications for enterprise asset management (EAM) by implementing it across additional plants.

Atucha II, a nuclear power plant currently under construction in Argentina, is now live on IFS Applications as its EAM solution.

Due to Atucha II’s successful implementation, the organization expanded its investment in IFS Applications to two additional nuclear power plants.  These plants include Atucha I, Argentina’s first nuclear power station, which has been in service since 1974, and Embalse Rio Tercero. Atucha I is now in its final stages of implementing IFS Applications, with a planned go-live before the end of 2012.

IFS Applications was selected to handle the maintenance, asset data management and asset integrity management requirements associated with the nuclear power industry as well as frequent inspections by the Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA).

All three plants are operated by NA-SA, which took responsibility for operating nuclear plants in Argentina from the CNEA in 1994. After implementations at Atucha I and Embalse Rio Tercero are complete, every operational nuclear power plant producing commercial energy in the country of Argentina will be operating with IFS Applications.

Atucha I and Atucha II are both Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) stations. They employ a mixture of natural uranium and enriched uranium (0.85% of 235U), with heavy water for cooling and neutron moderation. When Atucha II is complete, the combined reactors will generate roughly 1,050 MWe of electricity.  Embalse Rio Tercero, the second nuclear power plant in Argentina, is a CANDU (Canadian Uranium Deuterium) plant. It uses natural uranium, with heavy water for cooling and neutron moderation. It has been in operation since 1984 and it generates 648MWe of electricity.

“The fact that IFS Applications is implemented at Atucha II even before it is operational will allow the remainder of the construction project and commissioning to go more smoothly,” LatinIFS Commercial Manager Walmir Cardoso said. “IFS Applications is perhaps the only EAM application designed to support the entire asset lifecycle of a complex mission critical asset like a nuclear power plant. IFS’ first customer was a nuclear power plant, and we are proud to offer the leading solution in the industry to the power generation sector of South and Central America.”

Energy and Utilities is one of IFS’ targeted market segments.  Since it was founded, IFS has developed and delivered best-practice-based, industry-specific solutions for the sector in enterprise asset management, capital project management, and asset lifecycle management. IFS solutions support all critical business enterprise processes with an integrated applications suite for capital project management, supply chain management, assets and work management, service and contracts management, sustainability, financial management, human resource management, document management, etc.  Cost-effective and scalable, IFS Applications™ is used in large-scale, enterprise deployments and as best-of-breed functionality.

World-class utilities functionality, an agile application architecture, and a dedicated team of experienced professionals have made IFS the choice of leading utilities such as Three Gorges, National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, Brookfield Renewable Power, Mälarenergi ,GECOL, Horizon Utilities ,Torresol, Barking Power, PKE, and nuclear power stations in Sweden (E.On OKG, Vattenfall Forsmark, Ringhals ), South Africa (PBMR), and China (Sanmen, Shandong and Qinshan), France Telecom, B Sky B and TenneT.

About NA-SA

Nucleoeléctrica Argentina SA (NASA) was set up in 1994 to take over the nuclear power plants from Argentina’s Atomic Energy Commission (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA). NA-SA is also charged with overseeing construction of Atucha 2.

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