Optimize Your Field Service Operation to Increase Revenue and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Your field service operation has countless moving parts that all need to be managed accurately and efficiently in order to ensure maximum productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. What is needed is a comprehensive field service management suite that can intelligently automate, track and monitor all of these disparate business functions simultaneously and precisely so you and your team can do what it does best, service customers. This is exactly what IFS Field Service Management software does for your service business. It elevates your operation to a whole new level, by giving you the management, automation and data visibility capabilities you require. In turn, you will increase repair efficiency and maximize labor output while controlling costs and maximizing overall performance. MANUAL TASK AUTOMATION IFS Field Service Management helps you streamline your entire field service business by automating many of the manual activities that weigh your team down today. Specifically, IFS Field Service Management enables you to quickly and easily: • Make critical information immediately available to your field force via store-and-forward messaging (capability called Field Mobile Call Debrief) • Track all non-part transactions including labor, travel and expense allocation • Facilitate request generation and service order management • Create, assign, manage and track all operational tasks • Schedule and dispatch the best qualified and most available technicians • Manage all customer information including products, contacts, and entitlements • Track all non-part transactions including labor, travel and expense allocation • Record all parts used and parts needed For more information, view our Executive Summary on how to Optimize Field Service Operations and Increase Revenue with IFS.

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