Architecture and Technology

Built using a modern, component-based, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), IFS Applications is made up of discrete software objects that can be selected and configured based on your specific business needs. This frees you from buying software components you don’t need, and allows you to implement software for immediate needs first. You can add new components step by step as your requirements change and new technologies emerge. The result is a flexible system that delivers rapid payback and lower overall risk. The SOA design of IFS Applications is based on industry standards. The open nature of IFS Applications allows other applications and point solutions to easily access information and use functionality in IFS Applications. Using a multi-tier deployment model, the service, application and data layers are accessible to other applications using IFS access providers for .NET, Java™, COM, and SOAP. IFS web services and the IFS/Connect integration broker provide access using messagebased Web Services. This makes it much easier to integrate IFS Applications with other enterprise software packages, such as SAP® or Oracle® eBusiness Suite, while maintaining application integrity, security, and the ability to upgrade without having to rewrite interfaces. But even a flexible, agile solution engineered to accommodate change will be of little use if people cannot quickly learn how to use it. The “new normal” of reduced staffing, temporary or contract employees, and rapidly shifting business processes all mean that fewer people need to use more functionality within a suite of enterprise applications. For more information, view our Architecture & Technology Brochure.

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