ERP with business intelligence built in, or built on

Enterprise software like enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) or field service management is great at streamlining transactional processes. But not as good at providing visibility of patterns in these transactions, which often forces companies to undertake expensive business intelligence (BI) projects including third party data warehouses.

IFS offers extensive built-in analytics tools, putting highly relevant business intelligence directly into the hands of end users in real time. You can also take advantage of a standard integration between IFS Applications and Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. This elegant, efficient BI solution comes from IFS with prepackaged dashboards containing the most important metrics for the key executive leaders in your enterprise. If you already have a BI platform, IFS has also packaged as web services the most commonly required data from IFS Applications.

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Why ERP is Your Best Business Intelligence Tool

Built-in BI is about using the info you already have to make better decisions, which is why you buy an ERP solution and use in-context analytics. The ability to present this synthesized information to the user, very naturally, at the precise point in time when it is needed, has real-time potential to improve business outcomes. And that’s the difference between in-context BI and traditional BI, which is always, by its nature, based on what happened in the past.

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