Target-Based Scheduling Software for Mobile Workforces

IFS’s Target Based Scheduling (TBS) helps you configure IFS Mobile Workforce Management to work towards your specific goals and KPIs. Set target KPIs such as SLA achievement for specific customers and the Dynamic Scheduling Engine’s (DSE) parameters are automatically adjusted to achieve them, where possible.

  • Focus on the KPIs that are important for the Dynamic Scheduling Engine (DSE) and optimize the ones that affect your business
  • Review proposed changes and their impact before implementing
  • Ensure service level agreements (SLAs), travel percentages, productivity levels, and other goals are met.
  • Target specific customers or types of work for improved performance
  • In adverse circumstances (bad weather, traffic problems) refocus the operation within minutes by automatically adjusting scheduling parameters, and see what impact this will have on your KPIs

  • Tailors the mobile workforce management software to your business, ensuring that your specific goals are met, maximizing your return on investment
  • Provides instant, automated help when you need it most: in adverse circumstances where the operation is in danger of getting out of control


IFS Mobile Workforce Management provides your organization with complete field visibility while optimizing field processes with a variety of modules designed to help you maximize your service margin. Want to learn more about transforming your service organization?

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