The IFS Education Program

Technology has an enormous impact on today’s society. Despite this, interest in science and technology among the younger generations is surprisingly low. With a waning interest in attending technical university programs, global companies like IFS—indeed, the entire IT industry—run the risk of a shortage of skilled employees.

The IFS Education Program--as part of our corporate social responsibility program-- aims to counter this trend by helping students and young people get enthusiastic about technology, learn new skills, and give them an idea of what it is like to work in IT. Collaborating with more than 80 universities across the globe, we at IFS want to inspire students by providing the necessary resources and especially encourage female students into a career in tech.

We work globally to offer scholarships, grants, IT equipment for classroom teaching, as well as practical knowledge through internships and mentorships for graduate students. Our Education Program strengthens this commitment by enabling direct collaboration with lecturers and professors to help them design courses and programs that are founded on real-world experience of what it means to work in IT.

IFS Education Program video