Challenger - A Global Magazine for the IFS ecosystem

Recently launched, the new-look global IFS customer magazine, aptly named CHALLENGER, brings to readers some of the latest news surrounding IFS, its partners and its customers. CHALLENGER aims to engross the busy reader with visually engaging short-medium length articles covering topics such as product orientated, industry focused and business themed.

Challenger - Issue H1 2019

This first edition of CHALLENGER explores what it means to be a ‘challenger’ in an interview with IFS’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Jane Keith, as well as providing all the coverage and insight you need for this year’s upcoming World Conference 2019, including an interview with IFS customer Shawcor. In a more product orientated theme, Christian Pedersen, IFS’s Chief Product Officer, guides us forward with The IFS Solution Vision Statement and we also take a look at Three Cloud-Based Enterprise Software Myths, by IFS’s VP for Cloud Planning Operations Raymond Jones.



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