Asset management and service management software for wastewater treatment and sewer utilities

Wastewater treatment utilities, sewerage districts and other organizations charged with treating residential and industrial sewage are facing rising demand and a risk-averse capital market. Wastewater asset management software must do more than work orders and maintenance management. How do you get the funding to complete necessary expansions, lifecycle extensions and capital improvements? How do you assure governing bodies, regulators and stakeholders your infrastructure is secure, health environmental and safety (HES) concerns are respected and that you are being a good steward of the utility? You implement IFS Applications wastewater management software for enterprise asset management (EAM), with mobile work orders and advanced mobile workforce management. Plus, a proven open solution to integrate with GIS and SCADA systems for pump station controls and more.

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Asset management—where it all began. It’s our legacy, and for more than 25 years, we have refined our skills and technology in this area we are proud to call our backyard.

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