22 May, 2012

Polish manufacturer Libet completes IFS Applications implementation

Libet S.A., a leading Polish manufacturer of premium paving stones, has completed a company-wide implementation of the full-suite ERP system, IFS Applications. The implementation, which covers all production plants as well as the company’s headquarters, supports and improves strategic business processes in such areas as manufacturing, maintenance, HR, purchasing, sales, distribution, financials and CRM.

The implemented IFS solution enables integration of all business areas at every organizational level, ensuring optimized productivity in all processes. IFS Applications supports efficient cost management and speedy access to business data throughout all operational areas, improving the company’s decision-making processes. In addition to improved purchasing and cost planning processes, the system also enables report generation and precise analyses based on information that was unavailable in the company’s previous system. For example, IFS Applications supports detailed production analyses and more accurate specification of costs at each production stage (e.g. raw materials utilization).

“The implementation of IFS Applications is yet another step in Libet’s strategy for strengthening our leading position in the premium segment and accelerating the technological development of our plants. Libet has a complex organizational structure, with manufacturing plants all over Poland. The use of IFS Applications at all the organizational levels is an important stage in the company’s development. It will help us to streamline business processes and thus increase our competitiveness on the paving stone market. This is yet another implementation streamlining our operation. Last year, for example, we introduced an advanced customer telephone service system, IVR,” said Thomas Lehmann, President of Libet S.A.

The implemented IFS solution includes features such as IFS Enterprise Explorer, the intuitive and customizable user interface, easy integration with production automation systems, and the possibility of expanding the system to support the company’s future growth.

“We have implemented the most advanced solution on the market. IFS Applications will enable us to introduce new and more efficient business management practices. We are very pleased that we managed to complete this project so quickly. In seven months, we were able to implement the ERP system in all of our business units, which is a very short period for such projects. The system is already running and we have seen its first effects: simple and extremely fast online access to all the information and to most company documents. In the long run, we want the system to facilitate our strategic processes such as planning, monitoring and analysis,” said Daniel Głogowski, Senior Planner at Libet S.A.

About Libet S.A.

Libet S.A. is a leading Polish manufacturer of paving stones and other concrete surfacing materials. With 30% market share, Libet is the Polish market leader in the premium paving stone segment, and the second player in the paving stone business, with a market share of around 21%. Premium products are targeted primarily at individuals, while products from the industrial and standard segments mainly cover the demand resulting from infrastructure investments. The company also offers Libet Impressio patio slabs, Libet Patio stone slabs, as well as industrial products such as curbs and edges, concrete cubes and slabs, openwork panels and palisades. The company has 14 plants and 24 production lines. The combined capacity of all the plants is ca. 14 million square meters per year (based on the standard paving stone).

More information on Libet S.A. is available at www.libet.pl

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