27 October, 2016

IFS launches global education program with over 80 universities

Education-focused Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encourages the next generation of workers to pursue careers in IT

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces the official launch of the IFS education program, a global initiative comprising more than 80 universities across the world with the purpose of increasing interest in technology among the next generation of workers while showcasing the breadth of career opportunities that exists in the IT industry.

The impact of technology within today’s society is profound. To encourage further innovation within the communities as well as the industry sectors IFS is part of, the IFS education program aims to boost skills and provide opportunities for the next generation of talented workers within the technology sector. The program focuses on teaching students at some of the world’s top technical higher-education institutions but also involves providing resources, offering scholarships and work experience.

“Although we have worked with universities in different parts of the world for many years, the establishment of the IFS education program provides a structure that will enable IFS and our partners to reach more students and positively impact more lives!” said Alastair Sorbie, CEO of IFS. “Just like the rest of the industry, IFS is in need of skilled people with eclectic backgrounds, who can bring fresh ideas, energy, and diversity to the workplace in order to help the sector grow.”

IFS works broadly to provide grants, scholarships, and IT equipment for classroom teaching, as well as supporting interns and mentoring graduate students. IFS’s global university program strengthens this commitment by enabling collaboration directly with lecturers and professors when designing courses and programs that are founded on real-world experience of what it means to work in IT.

Sorbie continued, “While we are making a real difference today, we will be accelerating this effort with the support of the broader tech industry to affect an even greater impact and positive change.”

“The support from IFS to provide students with real-world insight into how technology has helped our students appreciate the opportunities and impact that they themselves can invoke through careers in technology. We highly appreciate the support and resources provided to the Friedrich Alexander University (FAU) to date,” says Dr. Peter Wilke, Department of Computer Science, FAU Erlangen, Germany.

Learn more about the universities IFS collaborates with as well as the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility here: www.ifsworld.com/corp/company/about-ifs/csr/.

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