09 May, 2017

Smashblock leverages IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence for enterprise control, visibility

Consultancy will use IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence™ (EOI) cockpits to help clients dramatically improve their ability to sense and respond to changing business conditions

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Toronto-based Smashblock Corporation has joined the IFS Partner Network as a channel partner.

As an IFS partner, the consultancy will help businesses implement advanced technologies including operational intelligence, management guidance systems, cyber guidance systems and cyber safety solutions. They will use IFS EOI to help clients understand their business on a holistic level and to identify and resolve constraints blocking strategy.

IFS EOI depicts the enterprise value chain in an intuitive BizMap™ graphic, providing a top down perspective of processes and performance aligned with the business strategy. Because it is linked into transactional systems used to run the business, management can also use EOI to streamline execution of corporate strategies or facilitate changes in tactics, practices, policies or procedures. Smashblock personnel have completed product training conducted directly by IFS product leadership, and will be able to deliver consulting and implementation services for IFS EOI.

“While IFS EOI has a strong following in the market, Smashblock’s approach of using the product in a consulting setting demonstrates real innovation, and something we expect to see more of,” IFS Vice President of Enterprise Operational Intelligence Chuck Brans said. “Smashblock consultants realize that once an organization grows to the point where senior exeuctives do not have a direct line of sight across the value chain, they need technology to deliver big-picture insight and facilitate appropriate action.”

Smashblock CEO Graham Westwood said, "It’s no secret that most complex organizations are struggling to keep up with change. IFS EOI is a great fit for Smashblock's pragmatic, outcome-oriented approach to business. Too often companies hire consultants and end up only with a written report—a static PDF or Word document. Even if that report reflects sound observations and recommendations, there is no ‘do it’ button that enables a C-suite executive to operationalize those recommendations. Our EOI cockpits provide real-time lines of sight into what is happening on the ground, and the ability to act on these insights immediately with ‘hooks’ into their existing operational infrastructure. This ability to help our clients regain control of their operations, strategy, and risk is a big part of how Smashblock differentiates itself to the market.”

More information about IFS EOI can be found here: www.ifsworld.com/corp/solutions/enterprise-operational-intelligence/.

About Smashblock

Smashblock solves complex strategy risk, compliance and cyber security problems using innovative technology like Enterprise Operational Intelligence “cockpits” from IFS. We rapidly design and operationalize breakthrough solutions that leverage customers’ existing technology infrastructure investments. As our name suggests, our straight-talk approach and best practice methodologies eliminate the barriers that block essential digital transformation initiatives. www.smashblock.com.

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