Professional services for IFS Customers

We provide a range of services that maximize the return on your investment in IFS software.

IFS offers a flexible spectrum of support and maintenance services. Customers can opt for varying levels of full or basic maintenance. Service is provided from support centers located around the world, 24x7.


  • Reduced cost, risk, and complexity with personalized advice and optimized performance improvements.
  • Global support through a worldwide organization and access to expertise for your critical issues 24x7.
  • Maximized return on investment with rapid resolution of critical problems and proactive issue avoidance.
  • Local support through responsive services by people who know your business and your local conditions.
  • Optimized uptime with ongoing information about patches and workarounds available for your installation.
  • Full control through the whole lifecycle with in-depth analysis when you plan to modify your system.
  • Efficient handling of corrections or customizations with structured information about your environment.
  • Satisfied end users who can report, track, and manage issues 24x7 or access the information database.

IFS offers a well-structured implementation methodology that ensures success. Our personnel and partners follow this proven method closely, and this is one reason IFS customers are among the most satisfied in the industry.

IFS is founded on professionalism, simplicity and commitment. We offer a broad range of competencies that ensure that you, as our customer, get what you need.

We listen, we are agile and come with extensive competence, long experience and deep knowledge of several different industries and we believe that many brains are better than one. At IFS, we help out to put you, our customer, firmly in focus. We make sure we understand your situation, and guide you to make the right choice, so that you get added value from IFS Applications and from working close to our consultants.

We are daring, and challenge preconceived notions. And we do it so that your company can optimize its strengths and opportunities.

IFS offers a number of training tracks for consultants, partners and customers. Please contact your account manager to find out more about your training opportunities.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

When collaborating with IFS, a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be signed between the parties.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

OpenIFS User Community

OpenIFS is a 24x7 online community and collaboration platform to harness the collective intelligence of Customers, Partners and IFS employees. Through the online community participants are free to interact with other participants, for example to share ideas, best practice or ask questions.

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