Sanitec Standardizes on IFS Applications for ERP

The implementation and upgrade of IFS Applications i Sanitec’s Nordic subsidiaries began on March 1, 2010, and was a major success. Sanitec upgraded and expanded its business software from IFS with components for financials, sales, logistics, and maintenance throughout its Nordic subsidiaries and replaced a legacy manufacturing solution with manufacturing software from IFS. “We wanted a single, common system. Part of what we had was ancient and entailed major risks,” says Lars-Bertil Håkansson, Finance Director Region North, Sanitec Group. The benefits derived from all the Nordic subsidiaries now running the same IFS solution is that they all have the same set-up and handle the same solution in all countries. This gives much greater agility than was previously possible. “For example, we will be able to reduce headcount by 10 percent in Finance because we now have a common solution,” says Håkansson. “Instead, we can reallocate resources to controlling, for example, and strengthen support for a greater level of professionalism in the company. The solution has also enabled a more efficient flow from customer order to shipment from stock and enhanced quality as a result of uniform controls.”

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