Thomas Group Automates Key Processes with IFS Applications

Thomas GmbH comprises three companies: Thomastechnik + Innovation develops and builds highly modern and multifunctional bed systems and innovative materials, Thomas Sitz- und Liegemoebel (seats and sleeping berths) sells the Lattoflex brand, and Thomashilfen develops and sells products and technologies for the rehabilitation and health care sector.

IFS Applications provides Thomas Group considerable added value because so many processes can now be automated. The DaimlerChrysler contract is one example. One of Thomas’s biggest customers, it orders about 1,600 sleeping berths in two variants each month. Thanks to IFS Applications, Thomas can handle the major increase in orders without requiring extra administration resources. When DaimlerChrysler enters its customer order into IFS Applications via EDI, the entire process is automated, up to and including the generation of the goods delivery notes. Besides its capacity, the ease of use of IFS Applications was another benefit that Thomas appreciated.

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