Mitutoyo Relies on IFS for Sales, Service, Installation, Aftermarket

After moving to IFS Applications from a homegrown application in 2002, Mitutoyo America Corporation realized improvements in business efficiency and visibility, and the benefits they have realized have increased again with a 2010 upgrade to a current version of the application suite. Mitutoyo’s IT staff is also taking advantage of IFS’ easily available application programming interfaces (APIs) to extend functionality in new and useful ways, and is working with IFS as an early adapter of new, advanced IFS business intelligence (BI) technology. Mitutoyo has even implemented IFS’ customer relationship functionality to replace another vendor’s offering.

“Our business is sales and service,” Mitutoyo's Robert Brown said. “We sell these products and support three service organizations. Field service handles repair, installation and calibration of our major instruments. We have a repair department responsible for repairing tools and instruments and we have a calibration department which does calibration of our gauges and gauge blocks that are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology requirements. We use a lot of work orders and a lot of scheduling and field service. For return material authorizations (RMAs), we do capture reason codes and we can perform Pareto analyses of returns.”

To learn more, read this customer story.

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