Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) Solutions

A true asset lifecycle management solution requires more than enterprise asset management (EAM) software, more than maintenance and asset accounting. IFS's Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) software solution requires that all data regarding the asset be housed in a single repository – from engineering to construction to operations and maintenance. This is what it takes to deliver real ALM technology and comply with the requirements of ISO 55000.

And this is precisely what IFS Applications delivers through EAM with embedded tools for:

  • Plant Engineering to capture the early stage costs and asset data
  • Document Management to capture changing asset specifications and unstructured data
  • Project Management for plant shutdowns, refits and lifecycle extensions
  • Contract management to capture the cost of external engineering, construction and maintenance contractors

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Barseback Energy and Utilities - Decommissioning a nuclear power plant is no easy feat. But with help from IFS Applications, Barseback Nuclear Power Plant is navigating the final lifecycle stage - shutdown, and decommissioning of their decades-old asset. Find out how Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software must support the entire asset lifecycle, including decommissioning.

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