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2019 Q2 Update

Second Quarter (April–June 2019)

  • License revenue amounted to SKr 398 million (Q2 '18: SKr 291 million), an increase of 37 percent (32 percent in constant currency).
  • Maintenance revenue was SKr 464 million (Q2 '18: SKr 404 million), an improvement of 15 percent (11 percent in constant currency).
  • Consulting revenue amounted to SKr 562 million (Q2 '18: SKr 472 million), an increase of 19 percent (15 percent in constant currency).
  • Net revenue totaled SKr 1,586 million (Q2 '18: SKr 1,326 million), an improvement of 20 percent (15 percent in constant currency).
  • Adjusted EBITDA was SKr 403 million (Q2 '18: SKr 205 million), an improvement of 97 percent (92 percent in constant currency).

Q2 2019 press release

Reflecting on Q2 of this year, I’m simply blown away by what we accomplished together as we focused on delivering sensible solutions to our customers. IFS is the only vendor of scale in our sector that stands on a principle of choice, providing an experience free from ultimatums. Now that we see what this IFS is truly capable of, expectations for the second half of the year remain high and I am pleased to have increased our guidance for the remainder of the year to deliver 2019 revenues of $711 million, or 6.35 billion SEK, an increase that represents a 21% increase year-on-year.

Darren Roos

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