IFS presents wide range of mobile solutions

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, has recently presented a number of mobile solutions, ranging from field service management to smartphone applications for office workers. The product investments are part of the company’s strategy to become a leading vendor in the enterprise mobility space.

Building on the great success of its first wave of smartphone apps as well the launch of the IFS Touch Apps Partner Program, IFS presents a number of new applications in the IFS Touch Apps family* while extending previously released functionality on additional operating systems. Among the partner-developed apps are DocBox, developed by Addovation for accessing and sharing important documentation from the user’s device of choice, and Employee Files, an app that facilitates efficient employee search developed by Din ERP.

Field service technicians and maintenance engineers can benefit from the intuitive IFS Mobile Work Order solution spanning both the new Android and Windows platforms. The solution runs as an embedded feature of IFS Applications and IFS Metrix Service Management, resulting in quicker and more cost-efficient roll-outs. It is also possible to integrate IFS Mobile Work Order with existing back-end solutions.

The new IFS Warehouse Data Collection solution has been tested and perfected through an early adopter program and offers configurable out-of-the-box functionality for automated data capture and process execution. Supporting Android, Windows Mobile/CE and Windows, the solution is designed to support high-volume distribution and manufacturing as well as lower-volume spare parts management or project site material, where efficiency and traceability are key considerations.

“2013 has been a seminal year for IFS in terms of mobile solutions, providing us with an even greater incentive to continue our product investments in this area,” IFS Director Martin Gunnarsson said. “The move toward mobile business is a pervasive trend that will continue to impact profitability and efficiency throughout every organization—from the factory floor to the boardroom. IFS is ready for this business transformation and will continue to design solutions to support mobile requirements in our target industries.”

*Note to editors:
IFS Scan It lets users capture data via barcodes, NFC tags or manual entry and execute processes in and beyond the warehouse.
IFS Nonconformance Reporter lets users create and submit nonconformance reports in the field, accompanied by text, photos, and classifications.
IFS Audit Companion helps quality auditors register audit findings in real time and can be combined with the IFS Nonconformance Reporter app to create reports related to the audit.
IFS Incident Reporter is a mobile extension of the IFS Health & Safety solution and lets users report incidents related to health and safety when and where they happen.
IFS Admin Companion lets IFS Applications administrators monitor current server status, receive error notifications, lock/unlock user accounts, and change passwords.

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