Business Intelligence vendor ClickBase joins the IFS North American Software Partner Program

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announced today that business intelligence vendor ClickBase has joined the IFS North American Software Partner Program. ClickBase’s involvement in the Regional Software Partner program ensures that ClickBase’s integration with IFS Applications has been tested and proven to be functionally and technically sound.

ClickBase offers a powerful business intelligence solution that can be quickly implemented and integrated with IFS Applications. It will also allow companies to link IFS Applications to other databases or third-party products and create consolidated reports across these multiple platforms.   

“We were extremely impressed with IFS’ functionality, especially its breadth and depth of multiple working components,” ClickBase Vice President of Marketing John Avoub said. “IFS customers now have access to a solution that, directly out of the box, will meet the majority of their needs— really, it’s BI out of the box. Of course customization can easily be achieved in order to meet more specific needs.”

“IFS has always believed in making powerful, tier-one functionality accessible and easy to use,” IFS AB Vice President of Global Alliances and Training Services Peder Daxberg said. “We are pleased with this collaboration as IFS’ values are aligned with ClickBase’s in terms of focus on a rapid implementation process and ease of use for its users.”

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