Singer achieves unified business information for 1,000 web-based IFS users in Asia

Singer has achieved the milestone of 1,000 information workers using IFS Applications in the Asia region, unifying its customer, inventory and financial information systems. IFS, the global enterprise applications company, is enabling Singer Asia to reduce costs and increase profit margins, and standardize best practice across the region through better visibility of real-time data for its international business.

Singer, one of the world’s leading retailers of home appliances and furniture, as well as consumer and artisan sewing machines, needs to track business information throughout its regional network. The IFS Retail & Hire Purchase solution, used across its branch network, comprising over 1,000 stores, gives Singer greater visibility of all transactions, hire purchase and financing schemes. It also improves the coordination of order tracking, manufacturing, inventory and shipping of goods between multiple locations.

The IFS technology is replacing disparate systems, and creates a consolidated real-time view of business critical information which services the needs of Singer’s finance, manufacturing and logistics functions. This increases the ease of communication and information-sharing across the region and between crucial business functions. Implementation started in Sri Lanka and Thailand, a process which will be completed before the end of 2007, and the projects in Bangladesh and Pakistan will be completed by December 2008.

“Our aim in implementing IFS Applications was to improve processes allowing local management more time to analyze and reflect on their businesses, with a flow on improvement in forecasting,” said Theo Renard, CFO, Singer Asia. “Further benefits will come from our countries sharing a common platform that will allow local managements to share and build on best practices, further enabling local management to identify trends and respond to events.”

“Another key driver was the desire to share best practice throughout Asia, and create KPIs and benchmarks for the different markets,” he added. “At a management level we can view our entire regional operations, without having to physically visit each country. This enables faster decision making and corrective actions.”

“To reach 1,000 users in this region with Singer is a real landmark, and once the roll-out to Bangladesh and Pakistan is complete the number will be far higher,” said Alastair Sorbie, CEO of IFS. “IFS provides a cross-industry solution for Retail & Wholesale Distribution. We have just finalized a development project in our Scandinavian global competence center for Retail & Wholesale Distribution. With this new functionality—in combination with our consultant’s competence in this field—we offer agility and a stable solution based on best practice in this part of the value chain.”

“Implementing a single solution that meets the needs of finance, manufacturing and logistics will make a profound difference to Singer’s ability to respond with agility to market trends,” said Jayantha de Silva, Vice President, of IFS South Asia. “Much of the development of our standardized solution took place in Sri Lanka by our consulting arm. As IFS technology is component-based, the developments made in this region can now be used globally and upgraded to any version of IFS.”

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IFS (OMXS: IFS), the global enterprise applications company, provides solutions which enable organizations to respond quickly to market changes—allowing resources to be used in a more agile way to achieve better business performance and competitive advantage. IFS was founded in 1983 and now has 2,600 employees worldwide. IFS has pioneered component-based ERP software with IFS Applications, now in its seventh generation. IFS’ component architecture provides solutions that are easier to implement, run and upgrade. IFS Applications is available in 54 countries in 22 languages. IFS has over 600,000 users across seven key vertical sectors: aerospace & defense; automotive; high-tech; industrial manufacturing; process industries; construction, contracting & service management and utilities & telecom. IFS Applications provides extended ERP functionality including customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), product lifecycle management (PLM), corporate performance management (CPM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities.

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