FCPK Bytów streamlines production with IFS Applications

FCPK Bytów, Poland’s leading manufacturer of metal parts for the tool industry, has implemented IFS Applications in order to support its business-critical processes including the intuitive and user-friendly IFS Enterprise Explorer (IEE) interface, designed to enable efficient navigation and data registration.

FCPK Bytów Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of metal parts for injection molds and die sets. It has been operating in the Polish market since 1993 and has since grown into the country’s largest provider of such products. FCPK Bytów’s main customers are tool-shops supplying the automotive and home appliances industries.

FCPK Bytów chose to implement IFS Applications in order to streamline business processes, improve cost management, increase production planning efficiency and manage information more effectively. The IFS solution was implemented in January, 2011, at FCPK Bytów’s plants in Bytów and Kielce.

With IFS Applications, FCPK Bytów benefits from real-time access to production information, fast access to management information, efficient manufacturing planning, better cost management, efficient inventory management and improved maintenance.

“Our financial management capabilities have improved with instant access to complete financial, logistics and warehouse management information. Management has full insight into the processes in a single integrated system. We can easily trace the whole path of any action,” said Sławomir Boniecki, Chief Technical Officer, FCPK Bytów Sp. z o.o.

FCPK Bytów is one of the first Polish companies to implement IFS Applications with the IEE interface.

The interface is based on the latest usability research and offers numerous customization options in order to suit each individual role and competency within the company. Equipped with a multitude of intuitive features for filtering, searching and navigating data, the IEE is will help FCPK Bytów maximize the return on their ERP investment.

“We decided to implement IFS Enterprise Explorer, because we saw it as a superior platform for usability and user productivity. In retrospect, we know we made the right decision,” concludes Sławomir Boniecki.

“We are happy that the latest version of IFS Applications with the IFS Enterprise Explorer user interface will contribute to increased productivity at FCPK Bytów,” said Marcin Taranek, President of IFS CEE.

The solution implemented at FCPK Bytów includes the following IFS Applications components: IFS Financials, IFS Manufacturing, IFS Distribution, IFS Human Resources and IFS Payroll. There are currently 50 IFS Applications users in the company.

About FCPK Bytów Sp. z o.o.

FCPK Bytów Sp. z o.o. was established in 1993. The company was started by Superior Die Set Corporation (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.). FCPK Bytów specializes in manufacturing bases and plates for injection and pressure molds, standard and special parts for molds, fixtures and plates for die sets and punching dies as well as standard and special parts for die sets. FCPK Bytów is the largest provider of such products in Poland. Over 40% of products are exported to other countries, such as the US, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia, Lithuania and Ukraine. FCPK Bytów employs more than 220 people. Since 2011, the company's management has been supported by the ERP system IFS Applications.

For more information, please visit www.fcpk.pl

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